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Kreiser Fuel Service... We specialize in Heating Oil Delivery

We offer convenient ordering on Our App to get you Heating Oil when you need it. Thousands of homeowners and businesses in Pennsylvania trust Kreiser Fuel Service for prompt Heating Oil delivery and for our quality service.

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At Kreiser Fuel Service we understand the rising cost of Heating Oil and with this in mind, we offer quality, Heating Oil to be delivered only when you need it.


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Eco-friendly Heating Oil can be used in existing home heating systems and does not require any expensive conversion equipment.


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"Frequently Asked Questions"

How can you pay?
We accept payment in cash, check (including phone payments), Kreiser Credit, VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and offer excellent budget plans.
What is automatic delivery?
Our sophisticated computer programs monitor closely the consumption that your home has during the year. It calculates, based on current climatic conditions, the amount of fuel used and prompts us for a delivery. Although remote, it substituted the need for you to monitor your fuel gauge.
Do I really need a sludge additive?
Additive is needed when you have a sludge buildup in your heating oil tank. Basically, it is dead algae/bacteria that grows from condensation in your tank and after time dies and sinks to the bottom of the tank. The best thing to do is to give us a call and we will gladly check it out for you.
What are your hours?
Our office hours are 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday. During the winter season these hours are longer. But we always have operators on duty 24 /7.
What is a budget plan?
Kreiser’s has developed an effective plan that calculated your season’s usage and averages it over a 10 month period. You start paying in July / August. Call for more details.
Do you have Specials / Discounts?
Kreiser’s always has specials going on. For senior citizens we always automatically discount #2 fuel oil. But the best is always to call in and check out what special are going on for the current month.
Why isn’t my boiler is not giving me the volume of hot water as it did before?
Many times boiler coils are bombarded by hard water. These minerals accumulate in the coil restricting the flow and exposure of water to the actual heating surface. Naturally the flow slows. Our techs are equipped to handle this problem. Normally a “coil cooking” is in order and fixes the problem. No, you generally don’t need to buy a new boiler!
What is a degree-day?
A degree-day is a method used to monitor the temperature above 65º F for cooling factors and below 65º F. for heating degrees. These factors are translated into charts that track and accumulate this information to use as heat requirements or cooling requirements to calculate the consumption of oil.

Why choose Us?

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